GeoBongo Hub Objectives

  • Educate and inspire young people about geospatial science, earth observation, and it’s potential to address climate change issues and environmental issues and promote sustainable forests management, combat desertification, halt and reverse land degradation, halt biodiversity loss
  • Provide hands-on exercises with GIS software and GPS systems, and online mapping resources;
  • Have participants prepare a short essay proposing innovative ideas on how to use geospatial technologies to research, visualize, or otherwise address climate change issues;
  • Provide a platform and network for mutual sharing and learning of experiences among youth.
  • Support the education of GIS and technology through volunteering, and presentations in schools and to community groups.

Social events, networking, and collaboration with other related groups to advocate for women and youth in GIS.

To highlight and support related local initiatives, foster regional collaboration, and encourage open data. Through GeoBongo Hub, we will be able to create smart communities to enable leaders and citizens alike to take and collect the data about where they live and use it to make those places better. Whether that involves improving infrastructure with mobile apps, making the enactment of policy more inclusive and efficient through a simple online site, or organizing quick and targeted responses to emergencies with machine learning, states can use GIS to transform their operations. When governments and their constituents know exactly where and when decisions need to be made, communities benefit.



  • GIS Need Assessment to a wide range (Project, Organisation),
  • GIS advocacy through Mapathone
  • Geospatial talk, Interviews
  • University Spatial talk
  • Geospatial event mobilisation and hosting
  • Spatial campaign and fund mobilisation
  • Open workshops on creating awareness about environment