The GeoBongo Hub

GEO BONGO HUB was set up in 2019 by GIS practitioners in Tanzania who have been connected from different regions with different professionals but centered on geography; Geo Bongo Hub is the center created to promote the application of Geospatial technology in achieving sustainable development goals by engaging youth in different level and grow opportunities and spatial and data ecosystem within the county.


To increase geospatial technology awareness through training, workshops, and networking while providing innovative geospatial services and solutions by implementing and maintaining GIS technology in a country.


To prepare and empower youth for a rapidly changing world by providing an understanding of the significance of GIS as a scientific tool and its value in explaining, and understanding the world around them.

Better than bird's eye view

Founding Team

Scholastica C. Bahemana

Director Health Information

Ephraim Danford

Director of Spatial Strategy & Communication